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We invite everyone in the congregation to sing praises to God. It is not just for the music group, or those who have better voices, but it is for all gathered to worship God. The most important musical instrument used at SBC is the congregational voice. Every other instrument that is played, is simply an accompaniment to encourage the congregation to use our voices.

What songs do we sing? We have no preference for old or new songs, but believe that there are theologically rich and heart warming songs written throughout the ages. We therefore try to choose the best songs written in history, which celebrate various attributes of our Triune God, His work in creation, providence and redemption.

Some of our songs were recorded recently. There’s no practice, no mixing and it’s certainly not a performance. We sing for the glory of God, to encourage each other and as a witness to the world. In our brokenness, it is a privilege that God calls us to praise Him through song!

Behold Our God

In Christ Alone

Praise to the Lord the Almighty the King of Creation

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