Christianity Explored

If you have questions about the claims of Jesus, Christianity and the world around us, you may find some of these messages helpful.

Recent Preaching Series

2019 1Corinthians: Gospel grace for Messy Churches

2018 Ephesians: Our identity in Christ

2018 Genesis: In the beginning

2017 Reformation Doctrines / Five Solas

2017 Galatians: True Freedom

2016 Worship By The Book

2016 Gospel of Matthew: Authentic Christian Living

2016 Ruth: God’s Gracious Provision

2016 Judges: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

2015 Marriage: God’s design for our good

2015 Daniel: Here I Stand

2015 Romans: God’s Power for Salvation

2014 Gospel of Luke: Making Disciples with Jesus


2019 School of Theology (Dr, Sam Waldron, CBTS) coming up 8-10 July

2018 School of Theology (Dr. Samuel Renihan, Trinity Reformed Baptist Church)

2017 School of Theology (Dr. Guy Waters, Reformed Theological Seminary)

2016: Apologetics Conference (Dr. James R. White, Alpha Omega Ministries & Ps. Jeff Durbin, Apologia Church)

2015 & 2016 School of Theology (Dr. James Renihan, IRBS)

2013: Pastors Conference (Thabiti Anyabwile & Dr. Mark Dever, Capitol Hill Baptist Church)

Visiting Speakers

2018: Exercising Faith from Mark 9 (Ps. Andrew Harrison, Southern Districts RBC)

2018: Eternal Subordination of the Son (ESS) (Dr. Mark Jones speaking at Grace Ministers Fraternal)

2018: Psalm 131 (Dr. Samuel Renihan, Trinity Reformed Baptist Church)

2017: The Living Church from Acts13:1-3 (Dr. James Renihan, IRBS Seminary)

2017: The Rich Young Ruler from Mark10 (Dr. Guy Waters, Reformed Theological Seminary)

2016: Learning from Failure & Restoration of Mark (Ps. Kirk Zylstra, Sutherland PRC)

2016: Training up faithful men from 2Tim2 (Dr. James Renihan, IRBS, Westminster Seminary California)

2015: Justification by Faith Alone (Dr. Guy Waters, Reformed Theological Seminary)

2015: Elder induction – pray for us (Dr. James Renihan, Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies, Westminster Seminary California)

2015: Open Haus: Islam – historical roots & current practice (Dr. Noel Weeks, Macarthur Reformed Church)