The Meaning of Life

Published August 6, 2014 by SBC in Sermon Series

Whether it’s a stressful job, demanding family schedule or study regime, we always seem to be flat out pursuing something. Our new topical series takes time out to ask an important question: What’s it all for? What is the meaning & purpose of Life?

What do we hope for, dream about or fear losing most? Our series commencing in July explores the themes of Happiness, Significance, Security, Freedom & Love from Wisdom literature & the Gospels. Which (if any) is the answer to the meaning of Life?

1. Meaning of Life – Pursuit of Happiness (Eccl2) 13 July 2014

2. Meaning of Life – Significance (Prov22) 20 July 2014 

3. Meaning of Life – Securing Treasures (Matt6) 27 July 2014

4. Meaning of Life – True Freedom (John8) 3 August 2014

5. Meaning of Life – Living to Love (Matt22) 17 Aug 2014

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