1Peter: Living Hope in an uncertain world

Published January 21, 2014 by SBC in Sermon Series

Our first series in 2014 will explore the letter written by Peter to the outcasts & refugees of the early church. What can or do you say to people who have lost everything because of their faith? Our situation may not be so extreme, but the desire for security, acceptance and prosperity is deeply embedded in each one of us. When the world is turned upside down, what are we tempted to cling to for comfort?

Over the next few months, we’ll see that our only hope in this uncertain and perishing world can be in the eternal God and the finished work of Christ, His Son. Peter reminds the early believers (and us) that our “best life” is not in this world, but it is found in the life to come. Rightly understood and applied, a vibrant living hope prepares us for holy living, for trials & temptation. Christians will dare to be different in their marriages, workplace and the public square. Please join us 11am Sunday to learn from God’s enduring word.

Listen to mp3 messages from the series

1. 1Peter1:1-7 Living hope for strangers in a strange land – 26 Jan 2014 (40 min)

2. 1Peter1:8-12 Knowing an invisible Jesus bears visible fruit- 2 Feb 2014 (30 min)

3. 1Peter1:13-21 Thinking & Being Holy – 9 Feb 2014 (38 min)

4. 1Peter1:22-2:3 Hungering for Spiritual Food – 16 Feb 2014 (31 min)

5. 1Peter2:4-10 Three pictures of encouragement for the church – 23 Feb 2014 (35 min)

6. 1Peter2:11-25 Daring to be different (self control & submission) – 2 March 2014 (34 min)

7. 1Peter3:1-7 God’s design for marriage – 17 March 2014 (40 min)

8. 1Peter3:8-22 A tale of two blessings – 31 March 2014 (35 min)

9. 1Peter4:1-11 Don’t waste your life in Christ- 6 April (32 min)

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