I’m New

What to expect

  • A warm welcome

Everyone is welcome. Whatever your background, we want to demonstrate God’s love in our welcome to all visitors. If you’ve never been to church & have questions about Christianity, you are looking for a new church family, or just passing through the area, we would love to meet you.

  • God centered worship

We have all been created to worship God alone and to enjoy Him forever. We praise God through prayer, singing (the best of both old and new songs), reading & hearing the Bible explained, & celebrating the Lord’s Supper & Baptism which are reminders of Jesus’ saving work for us. We believe worship should reflect the character of God & should be marked by reverence & rejoicing, gravity & gladness.

  • Bible based teaching

God continues to speak to His people and His world today through the Bible. Preaching from God’s word is a coreĀ feature of SBC, where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is applied to both believers & seekers in a faithful & challenging way. We’ve recently looked at Judges, Daniel, Romans and GalatiansĀ in our expositional series, & studied the Doctrine of the Church, Marriage and Worship in our occasional topical series.

  • Loving community

God delights in the Gospel transforming His people into the gracious image of His Son. SBC provides an opportunity to develop real relationships with real people where we rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep. We are a diverse church from many backgrounds but we are united in Christ alone.

  • Ministering Together

The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few. If God has saved you for good works and you are looking for a place to serve Him, we have plenty of opportunities at SBC. We encourage everyone at SBC to use their gifts and talents to advance God’s kingdom, for his glory!

For more information about SBC, feel free to contact us or browse our Facebook page.