Galatians – True Freedom!

Published January 22, 2017 by SBC in Sermon Series

To celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, our first sermon series in 2017 will focus on Luther’s favourite book Galatians. This letter from Paul serves as a wonderful reminder of the freedom we have in the Gospel. It is not a freedom defined by the world, but rather true freedom only found in Jesus Christ.

To maintain Gospel freedom we’ll need to be on guard against false teachers peddling inferior ways of salvation. The true gospel frees us from the opinion of others, the crushing weight of God’s law and His righteous condemnation.

Please join us 10:30am on Sunday as Michael Prodigalidad takes us through Galatians.

1. Gal1:1-10 How passionate are we about the Gospel? (42 min, 22 Jan 2017)

2. Gal1:11-24 How can we trust Paul’s Gospel? (41 min, 29 Jan 2017)

3. Gal2:1-10 Gospel workers are not to be isolated (44 min, 26 Feb 2017)

4. Gal2:11-14 The Gospel frees us from the fear of others (46 min, 2 April 2017)

5. Gal2:15-16 Justification by faith alone (44 min, 9 Apr 2017)

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