Ephesians sermon series

Published September 27, 2018 by SBC in Sermon Series

Our latest teaching series will look at Paul’s letter to the Ephesians.

In a world obsessed with image and identity, we will be reminded that our primary identity is “in Christ”. We will recall that in our natural state, we are dead rebels and sons of disobedience, but God’s electing grace gives new life and brings us into the family of God. These truths ought to produce praise, adoration and thanksgiving in all those who are in Him.

Ephesians also highlight the unifying work of the gospel making one people, one body and one bride of Christ. We are reminded that we are to be walking in a manner worthy of our calling in our family, work and church life. Paul’s closing words ensure we are watchful and alert, ready to engage in spiritual warfare.

Proposed series outline

  1. Series Overview / Every blessing in Christ, Eph1:1-14 (40 mins, 30 Sept 2018) 
  2. A Blessed People in the Trinity, Eph1:3-14 (40 mins, 7 Oct 2018)
  3. A Thankful and Praying People, Eph1:15-23 (38 min, 14 Oct 2018)
  4. A Living People saved from Death, Eph2:1-10 (42 min, 28 Oct 2018)
  5. A United and Reconciled People, Eph2:11-22 (37 min, 4 Nov 2018)
  6. A privileged people, Eph3:1-13 (42 min, 11 Nov 2018)
  7. A people who need to comprehend God’s expansive love, Eph3:14-21 (41 min, 18 Nov 2018)
  8. Walking together in unity, Eph4:1-7 (39 mins, 2 Dec 2018)
  9. Walking towards maturity, Eph4:7-16 (36 mins, 9 Dec 2018)
  10. Walking in Newness of Life, Eph4:17-32 (42 mins, 16 Dec 2018)
  11. Walking in love, light and wisdom, Eph5:1-21 (35 mins, 23 Dec 2018)
  12. Walking together as families, Eph5:22-6:4 (40 mins, 30 Dec 2018)
  13. Walking at work, Eph6:5-9 (36 mins, 20 Jan 2019)
  14. Standing in Christ in spiritual warfare, Eph6:10-20 (36 mins, 27 Jan 2019)

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